About Us

Due to recent events, the world of advertisement calls for a much-needed overhaul. Advertisers should not be limited to platforms that invasivly collect personal information to reach their customers. Furthermore, advertisers should not be constrained to spending thousands of dollars a week for offline ad campaigns.
Here at beam, we hope to create an alternative avenue for advertisers to locally target their customers while helping local businesses construct a secondary revenue of income. Ultimately, we want to democratize the field of offline advertisement by making it available and affordable for everyone.

Our Team

Meet the people behind the scenes that work day and night to make beam a reality.

Ali Nazari Co-Founder, CEO

Ali is currently a junior in UT Dallas, studying biomedical engineering in his spare time. He spends majority of his time, however, working on beam and finding hole-in-the-wall places to eat.

Jose Luna Co-Founder, COO

Jose is currently a junior in UT Dallas, studying biomedical engineering. Other than working on beam, he wastes his time palying card games.

Andrew Bau Head of Graphic Design

Andrew is currently a sophomore in UT Dallas, studying animation . Other than working on beam, he likes photography and designing cool stuff.

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