beam Makes It Easy to Earn Money!

Create an Account, Connect a Display to Our Platform, Accept Ad Display Requests, and Earn Money! It's that easy!



Create an Account

First of all we need to make sure that you are indeed the owner of a legitimate business. Moreover, we need some more info about your business to attract and connect you to potential advertisers.


Connect a Display to Our Platform

Connecting a display to our platform is as easy as purchasing an Amazon Fire TV, connecting it to your display, downloading our app from the Fire TV Appstore, and signing in with your account. Yep, it's that easy!



Accept Ad Display Requests

We want to put you in control so you will have the ability to either accept or discard any advertisement requests.


Earn Money

Your account will be credited on a day to day basis if everything runs smoothly, meaning if the advertisements are displayed throughout the day. If the display or the Fire TV is turned off for any reason, the payment for that day will be withheld until the problem is resolved.


Schedule Your Personal Demo

We received your request and will contact you back soon.